I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi [2020] [16+]

Demons Rise Up! [Annoucement Coming Soon] [18+]

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🍓The Art of I'm Oh, So Busy - Artbook & Wallpapers (Coming 1/22 Everywhere IOSB is Sold!)

If you enjoyed I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi and all of the colorful, vibrant artwork that's in it then The Art of I'm Oh, So Busy is the artbook for you!

🍓 Contains:

46 pages featuring sketches and concept art with commentary from the developer covering explanations of the game's creation and layout.
Backgrounds, cutscenes, sprites, GUI, logos, object designs, game posters, and promotional material.
10 wallpapers featuring backgrounds and various scenes from the game.
All revenue from this artbook will go towards the creation of more games in the future.

🍓 Credits:

Assembly and Production - Sunbiscuit
Backgrounds - Fuyu no Kawa
All other assets - Erickiwi
Commentary - berry


New beginnings can be a challenge, especially when they start hundreds of miles away from home!

I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi explores a week in the life of Yoshimi Adelina Hertz as she makes her way in the world after finishing school. She deals with the challenge of finding her place in the world and the trials and tribulations that come with moving somewhere new. While at the same time, understanding her own insecurities and sense of self.

She comes armed only with her dreams, a pet, a head full of nostalgia from her childhood, and all of her good and bad habits. Boston is a very different place from the quiet and peaceful Midwestern life that she's used to, and now it's on her to make the most of it.

How will she handle this? Will it be a good week for her? Was this all a mistake?

Read and find out!

Genres: Dark comedy, slice-of-life, drama.
Content Warning: Recommended 16+ for Strong language, alcohol use, drug references, sexual themes (innuendos / no nudity or on-camera sex), discussions regarding mental health.
Resolution: 1280x720
Current Build: v1.1.3


  • A kinetic story that can be read through in approximately 2:30 - 4 hours, depending on how fast of a reader you are.

  • 25,349 words and 2,304 dialogue blocks.

  • 19 colorful, 3D backgrounds depicting settings in urban life and the everyday life of Yoshimi.

  • Dark comedy and dramatic elements.

  • A lo-fi soundtrack with 18 tracks from various producers like furino, idealism, CRÆTION, and an exclusive track from Axian that was made just for this visual novel!

  • Can be played on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • Full/Partial voice acting from 10 different actors.

  • 13 vibrantly illustrated cutscenes.

  • 322 expressive character sprites spread out across 7 chapters. This includes alternative outfits.



  • Story, Development, Music Production, Art Direction, Voice Casting - berry

  • Script Editing - berry & DefeatedSanity

  • Programming - berry & Dodobro

  • Sprites & GUI - Erickiwi

  • Backgrounds - Fuyu no Kawa

  • Sound Effects - FreeSound, SoundBible, YouTube, & Soundsnap

  • Animation - RingoBonBon & Sonraya

  • Engine - Ren'Py, Version 7.3.5



  • Axian - The Plan (EXCLUSIVE TRACK)

  • CRÆTION - Snowed In

  • CRÆTION - Blossom

  • CRÆTION - Cosma

  • CRÆTION - Wish

  • CRÆTION - Want

  • CRÆTION - Sway

  • CRÆTION - Contemplation

  • CRÆTION - Memory

  • CRÆTION - Lullaby

  • CRÆTION - tmrrw.

  • CRÆTION - Time and Place

  • CRÆTION - Summer Sky

  • CRÆTION - Beachside

  • CRÆTION - Cherry Blossum

  • CRÆTION - Dark Skies (w. Laura James)

  • idealism - last time

  • furino - listen to tommy with a candle burning

Listen to the full soundtrack here!

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