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"I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi" is a dark comedy/drama/slice-of-life visual novel that explores that life and times of 23 1/2-year-old Yoshimi Adelina Hertz as she makes her way in the world after finishing school. It combines a western style of writing with an anime-esque visual style. In addition to the art, this visual novel features a large voice cast and various lo-fi tracks from producers idealism, furino, CRÆTION, and EXCLUSIVE tracks from CYGN and Axian. The visual novel also focuses on various themes such as mental health, purpose, meaning, desire, and the struggle between modernity in the face of traditionalist upbringing. Yoshimi goes into this new world armed with nothing but her head full of dreams, relics from her childhood, but still struggles with self-sabotage and being maladjusted from childhood.

The writing process for this game started back in mid-2017 with visual novel production starting way back in March of 2018 and has been ongoing ever since. Originally written as a spec script for a television miniseries, I decided to go the visual novel route after remembering a trip I took to Japan back in 2014 where I saw just how big the visual novel market was there. I felt that this was a style of storytelling that had a lot of promise in the Western world.

As of now, I only have a demo up on Itch.io. Updates to the demo will be made periodically as more assets become available. Production updates and showcases of the production process will be posted here. All of my social media links are posted at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your interest in Yoshimi's story and for visiting this website. I appreciate it.

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I just hired a co-programmer to help me get the GUI of the game in order. Things have been running rather smoothly on this front so far, but now is the time where help is needed.

We might be publishing a few more visual novels here rather soon for some other studios. Anything can happen.🤷



Happy Halloween everyone. C:



  • Story, Art Direction, Design, Music Production - berry

  • Programming - Dodobro & berry

  • Backgrounds - Fuyu No Kawa

  • Sprites & GUI - Erickiwi

  • Script Editors - berry & DefeatedSanity

  • Sound Effects - FreeSound, SoundBible, Soundsnap & YouTube

  • Animation - RingoBonBon


  • Yoshimi Adelina Hertz - Anastasia Lyle

  • Michael Hertz - Poppletron

  • Eriko Honda-Hertz - Amanda "Panda" Parker

  • Stu Jeffery Bennet - Darrel Andre Humphrey

  • Mrs. Sandra Bergen - Amy Saville

  • Derek - Michael “Speedlemon” Flaherty

  • Hamad - Jackmack

  • Vivaan Manikivasakam - Mike Vallas

  • Nathan Skies - Joshua Waters

  • Gym Leader - Kevin Couto

  • Airport Worker - Kevin Couto


  • CRÆTION - Snowed In

  • CRÆTION - Blossom

  • CRÆTION - Cosma

  • CRÆTION - Dark Sides

  • CRÆTION - Memory

  • CRÆTION - tmrrw.

  • idealism - last time

  • CRÆTION - Time and Place

  • CRÆTION - Summer Sky

  • CRÆTION - Beachside

  • CRÆTION - Cherry Blossum

  • CRÆTION - Lullaby

  • CRÆTION- Savy

  • CRÆTION- Wish

  • furino- listen to tommy with a candle burning



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  • Rivals Entertainment

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  • DefeatedSanity

  • Cast & Crew

  • Fanbattle

  • Voxtellar

  • Alex

  • Sal

  • The family of Darrel Andre Humphrey

  • Alex Resnic

  • Oppaiman100

  • George

  • Vanis

  • My Amazing Patrons!


  • GameCuddle.com

  • Suiko

This game contains content not suitable for children or those who are easily offended.

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In memory of Darrel Andre Humphrey
[10/31/1957 - 6/23/2019]

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